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Il Bardine

What we do...

We love il Bardine, but when we arrived we had no idea of how to run our farm, and we are having fun learning every day.

At the moment we have 600 apple trees, 500 plum trees and 100 pear trees, this without the vineyard!

We have red and white grapes, all local varieties special to the area. If you decide to visit us during the beginning of October please feel free to join in the grape picking and see how we make our wine. Ladies if you want to tread the grapes we can arrange that too.

Last year the harvest was picked by all our friends with no experience at all. We had a great time over two days. At the end of the very hard day we all stopped for a well earned rest. We all gathered around our farm house and had a BBQ with as much wine and food as they could eat. If I said that one or two enjoyed themselves a little too much I hope you know what we mean.

We also have a little shop which sells our seasonal produce, apples, pears, plums, honey (acacia and chestnut), wine (red and white) and tomatoes, salads etc. etc. etc. As we get more confident with running the farm we will be expanding our range too.

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