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Il Bardine
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Graham and Anna outside Casa AcaciaWe(Graham Daniel and Anna Ward)started our journey in March 2004. Anna was in Property and having an Italian mother made the adventure a little less painful as she had knowledge of the language. On the other hand, Graham had no knowledge of the language. Graham, as a mechanical engineer, had visited Italy at the age of 16 and fell in love with the country, he promised to return. He never managed it, as the rat race took over.

After some life changing events we both decided to see if Graham's dream of living in Italy could come true. We decided to visit Tuscany and Umbria to see if we could make it happen. This is when we discovered Il Bardine :-)

On our return we sold everything, put our worldly goods into storage and without a home to go to, took to the road into the unknown. The rest is history and if you want to know more, we are more than happy to share our adventure over a glass or two of our own wine.

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